Quotes about Lena's Quest:

"Lena’s Quest is an AMAZING book.It tells the story of one of Queen Marie’s four adopted daughters, Lena, who initially only cares about clothes and her looks. When her godfather Pulchritudo grants Lena’s wish of becoming the most beautiful person in the queendom, it comes with a price. It’s such a good story! And every page has a stunning illustration done by a different elementary through high school aged girl. To say that I am impressed would be a gross understatement, this book inspires ME!I say this with utter sincerity: you won’t be disappointed in Lena’s Quest."
-Lisa Ling(Award-winning journalist, television presenter, author, CNN’s This is Life with Lisa Ling)

  "What a fabulous book for young girls on empowerment! It drives home the point (in such an easy to understand format) thatgirls can do anything!There are so many gold nuggets in every page. Smigla, through the story, is teaching character, belief in oneself and the act of bravery. I highly recommend this book to girls of any age but in particular, young girls whose minds are pliable and ready

to create confidence and belief in themselves."
Joy Chudacoff (Founder of Smart Women Smart Solutions, business coach, life coach, speaker, and mentor)

 "Smartly written and beautifully illustrated. The story is set in a "queendom," and sends us on an adventure with the beautiful Princess Lena who comes to learn that she's more than just her looks. It's written by a young teen and illustrated by a group called "Girls with Goals."  If the goal was to provide young girls with an awesome female role model to inspire them, and do it in a clever and non-preachy way, 

the book has succeeded wildly. Wish I had this book growing up."
M. Wolff(Television and movie screen writer)

"I was blown away by the creative force behind this book. It should be mandatory reading in every grade school throughout the world. What a positive message about self-reliance, personal acceptance and the importance of unconditional family love.The world of this princess is so honestly and beautifully portrayed by the hands of multiple illustrators that I hope the concept

becomes the norm in children’s illustration. Wonderful!"
J. Robins(Artist, musician and social worker)

SYNOPSIS:Queen Marie's queendom is running smoothly until it becomes apparent that her youngest daughter, Princess Lena, cares much more about how she looks than who she is. Join Lena on this wonderful Girl Power adventure of self-discovery where she learns what is really important to her. Written and illustrated by "Girls with Goals," this modern fairy tale is an empowering and entertaining adventure for young and old alike.  

About the author: Chloe Smigla lives in the Los Angeles area with her family. Ms. Smigla wrote the girl-power fairy tale, Lena’s Quest, so that young girls could have a fairy tale with a female role model to inspire them. After reading about Lena’s journey, Ms. Smigla hopes little girls will honor their own individual and diverse beauty both inside and out and understand that they are just as capable as boys. Ms. Smigla would like to thank all of the "girls with goals" who worked with her to create the wonderful illustrations you see in Lena’s Quest
Profits from this book will go towards female empowerment projects or organizations.

Copyright © 2018 Chloe M. Smigla     All rights reserved.

ISBN-13: 978-1984006448          ISBN-10: 1984006444 

Copyright © 2018 Chloe and Tessa Smigla 

The illustrations in the book were done by Chloe and Tessa Smigla and other talented "Girls with Goals".

"In LENA'S QUEST, I was thrilled to discover a modern fairy tale that demonstrates that self-worth develops from what you DO in this world, not from what you LOOK LIKE, OWN or HAVE.  I was equally thrilled to find that this is a story about inclusion -- honoring adoption, single-motherhood, and racial diversity --

without ever having to announcing itself as that. 

A wonderful read for all ages."
-- Chris Whitaker (writer, producer)

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The layout and design for Lena’s Quest was done by Chloe and Tessa Smigla.