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LAPD Lieutenant Emada Tingirides - 10 most inspirational women of Los Angeles 2015, she cultivates a policing model that relies on community programs, not crackdowns

Girls Have Goals


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Filmed by teen filmmakers, Chloe and Tessa Smigla, this documentary series, entitled “Inspirational Women Talk to Teens,” features inspirational women who have broken glass ceilings in their chosen professions. 

Encouraging girls of all ages to pursue their dreams.  

A modern girl power fairytale book written by teenager,

Chloe Smigla, and illustrated by "Girls with Goals"

"In LENA'S QUEST, I was thrilled to discover a modern fairy tale that demonstrates that self-worth develops from what you DO in this world, not from what you LOOK LIKE, OWN or HAVE.  I was equally thrilled to find that this is a story about inclusion -- honoring adoption, single-motherhood, and racial diversity -- without ever having to announcing itself as that. 

A wonderful read for all ages."
-- Chris Whitaker (writer, producer)

Lisa Ling - Award-winning journalist, television presenter, author, CNN’s This is Life with Lisa LingOur America with Oprah Winfrey, and The View